Waves Without Sounds

All of us have seen the sea and observed the waves that come crashing to the shore. Sometimes we hear the waves coming, but there are also waves that can only be heard when they have landed on the shore. I marvel those silent waves and how gracefully they move towards land. I believe the same goes with communication– the strongest messages are not always expressed in words, or as what is often said, ‘actions speak louder than words’.

In the organizational context, the saying that goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ is more commonly incorporated on the output of organizations. While working for such an output though, it seems to matter less. I have observed that people tend to rely more on words when eliciting responses instead of nonverbal clues that express how the person being asked truly feels. However, I understand that empathy is not really applicable to all types of organizational structures. When assessing the efficiency of a member, though, I believe that empathy is necessary.

Lately, I have also come to observe that most people tend to easily believe that everybody is as good as what they say. I have seen this in organizations where I belong to, and even with the people I interact with. Nonverbal clues are often neglected in favor of building up expectations with what they are told. More often than not, expectations built such lead to disappointments which deeply affect communication. I do not see this as something healthy for organizations. Sensitivity and empathy, I believe, is still necessary for the progress of an organization.

However, I am yet to find proofs to support these assumptions, and confirm if waves without sounds touch the shore as much as the noisy waves do.