VP Binay reaction captured by camera when Pope Francis talked about corruptio

So the Pope visited our country. Here are some of the things that went on.

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this was this morning at Malacanang during Pope Francis’ speech. the camera seemed to have captured VP Binay’s reaction when Pope Francis said “Reject all corruption that divert resources from the poor.

the picture seem to have captured the moment when Pope Francis said those words. look at the picture it was literally ONLY VP Binay who looked away from the Pope, the opposite of where everyone was looking. everyone in the picture, including his wife Elenita was looking at the pope.

the reaction was priceless!


the moment Pope Francis spoke about rejecting corruption, philippine social media exploded with tweets on the topic. admit it – we are guessing the moment Pope Francis mentioned “rejecting corruption” you like most people thought of VP Binay! yes?

we have a twitter account (@wawam) and one of our tweets was quoted at rappler.com

rappler wawam

read it here: http://www.rappler.com/specials/pope-francis-ph/81000-social-media-pope-aquino-speeches


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