Cosplay Realities That You Have to Accept

I go to cosplay conventions, and this is quite true.


UPDATE (14 Jan 2013): Added Reality #4 and #5

It’s my third year in the cosplay hobby and I’m ready to finally take a break from the world of cosplay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting. I don’t hope people will actually care I’m taking a break because I’m not that famous a person in the Indonesian cosplay world. I don’t know many people, which helps because you don’t have to get involved into every little thing. For those who care, I’m taking a break because I’m getting older and it’s high time I got my bachelor’s degree. To do that, I’ll have to undergo an internship period, which will really take my precious free time away from me.

Anyway, this is perhaps my last post on cosplay before I fade into the shadows. And I thought, hey, I’ll go out with a bang! So, what to expect from…

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