The Song of the Nightingale

by Malory Columbretis

The Song of the Nightingale

I am just one of those who travel
This long and winding road called life.
With every step I kick the gravel,
With every pace I fear the knife.
Because I know of dust I came from,
And then to dust I will return.
And now I wonder as I wander
While under the blazing sun we burn,
Why walk and walk on forward then,
While knowing that we can’t return?
Why do we keep on living then?
When we don’t see what’s in the end.
Why do we have to be uncertain?
And simply wait what gods would send.
So I decided to stop walking,
And only then did I notice
A melody that was being sung.
With both eyes closed, I stood and listened
To merry, mellow melody.
Upon an aged tree’s canopy,
A nightingale whose feathers glistened,
Who sings the melody of life.
It offered truth to those who listened,
To those who did not face the strife.
A crowd was dancing beneath the shade,
And I found no harm to join them.
So here we feast at the forest glade,
Gathered by a common anthem.
And now we hope that more would join us,
Walk away from the road of life.
Sit here, close eyes, and listen with us
And never mind poor lonely life.
Why don’t you stop to look and listen?
Why don’t you take a pause in life?
Come take a look at all that glisten.
Come run away from all the strife.
O hear the song and be enlightened.
Hear the song of the nightingale.
O come and join us, don’t be frightened.
Hear the song of the nightingale.