To the Laughter of Faint Stars

by Malory Columbretis

To the Laughter of Faint Stars

Greetings, you, unreachable star.
I hear your laughter from here–afar.
Laughing with another one just as bright
Until a new dawn starts showing its light.

You both grew sullen, you both grew dull,
With eyes always staring far into the null,
Still your beauty, your laughter, your radiant glow
Remain in my heart, replaying the show.

The pollen, the laughter, the clinking of glass,
The promise thereafter, the withering grass.
Voices so merry I can hear in my sleep.
Easy and light, but the message is deep.

This gathering of Orpheus and Eurydice’s guests
Is fulfilling my dreams beyond my requests.
Oh, stars so distant, stars once bright,
Laugh and be merry deep into the night.