A Moth’s Lament

by Malory Columbretis

A Moth’s Lament

I ask my heart every second it beats
Why it chose you to be loved
Wholly, wholesomely, distantly and chastely.
Why you?

We live in worlds that cannot meet
While I speak words you will never hear–
Some petty declarations of love
That I know you are deaf to.
Yet my heart soars to catch
The slightest glimpse of yours.

A love so forlorn and desolate
Is what I feel for you,
But it is no tragedy.
This love is a romance with only one actor,
A farce of something real and great.

My love is true
But unreal,
For it seems to me you are a star
That this moth blindly chases
Thinking you are a nearby flame.

Yet it is not for naught because
You do not burn my wings.
You keep me flying, instead,
To great distances and heights
No moth has ever reached.

I will keep yearning for the luminance of your smile.
I will keep hoping for the gentle warmth of your gaze.

Now I know why my heart chose to love you.
Now I know my heart is not a fool.
You inspire me, love.

Reaching for you keeps me on my toes.
Thinking of you keeps me dreaming

I love you,
I will never question this.
If forever is true, then so is my love,
And it will last just as long.

My muse, my thoughts, my heart and my poetry–
Thank you, love, for being all of these.
Thank you for being the light
In my otherwise dismal life.
Thank you for letting me love you
From a distance we both cannot traverse.

This is for you, o star,
From your moth lightyears away.