by Malory Columbretis


For a man who has known lust
And only lust, my dear,
You sure have made me feel
That in this sinful vessel
Lives a soul whose only fear
Is to fall deep in love.

Love is something made,
It is not something to be felt–
That is what I had used to say
Until you came into my life
And made this body that only came
To life at night
See the light of day
And come to love the sun.

Darling, you are my sun.
Though far away,
Your warmth still reaches
Deep into my very core.
And in the darkest nights,
My love,
I came to realize
Your light still strives
To reach me.

I used to think I do not know
How to feel this way,
But now see, love,
How your mere presence overwhelms me.

Do I even deserve to have
My pitch-dark life be lit this way?
How come you,
Luminance incarnate,
Waltzed this poor man’s way?

I love you,
I love you,
But please remain far away
Because, love, I would never know
Whether I would burn or melt
Once your grace touches me.