To My Ripper

by Malory Columbretis

wlxCYhTo My Ripper

You have killed me
More than once
In your dark fantasies,
I see it in your eyes when you look at me
With such vehement lust
That turns my heart into a drum
Beating my funeral tune.

Your hands are cold when you hold me
And I know how your hands desire
To bathe themselves in my blazing blood;
To warm themselves with my blazing blood.

I know how you desire me
I know how you lust for me
I know how you starve for me
I know how you wish for me to draw
My last breath
Cradled in your arms.

No one has ever wanted me so badly.
No one has ever lusted so much for me.
You sear my soul and you make me soar
With this fervent obsession.

Kill me.

I will gladly die in the hands
Of one who loves me so dearly;
Of one who is willing to
Rid me of all my cares.

Kill me. My life is yours to take.

*The Hannibal TV series had me hooked. I have been avoiding reading/writing fan fiction, but this past week had me writing one on Hannibal. This would explain the nature of my recent poems, as I am trying to construct a narrative from the perspective of a person who shares the mental state of the show’s main characters.

To those interested, I am posting the story in under the pen name Faurphen and I update on an almost daily basis. It has ten chapters to date.