To the Bearers

by Malory Columbretis

Stalking in the darkness, lurking in the shadows,
Whispering into ears in random times of day.
In broad daylight, there it stands still,
Glaring lances piercing through armors.

Behind the lids of tightly-shut eyes,
Its after-images linger teasingly.
In dreams and in nightmares,
It leaves marks everywhere.

This haunting of a broken heart,
This taunting of a shattered dream,
End it, end it! This suffering
Consumes heart, mind and soul.

The elephants in the room,
The skeletons in the closet,
The monsters under the bed,
Are injustice to live with.

It is all inside and just inside
Forced into possession
Of poor unwilling vessels
By the stifling outside.

Should the burdened and the bludgeoned
Carry all their crushing crosses all by themselves?
Must nobody help though crimson drips from thorn-crowned brows?
Must no one including themselves be able to forgive them?
Is each and every sufferer a sacrifice… for what?