by Malory Columbretis



Where the air is crisp and pure and mild,
And the skies are ever clear;
Where the trees reach high and the grass is green,
And the nights are filled with peace;
Where the untainted soil is nurturing,
And the children want for nothing;
Where the beasts sing of things to come
And the spirits keep watch and hear
Each prayer and each step we make,
And grant what we deserve;
Where everything does not have a price
And all is family;
The simple life is not too far,
And so is peace and freedom,
It is just us who have the hardest time
To stretch out with open hands,
To reach out, take hold and seize the peace
That we keep on wishing for.

For our Anthropology class, we went to a community of indigenous people living at the mountains of Pampanga. It’s amazing how life seems so peaceful there. The community is like one big family where they trust one another. Money doesn’t seem as important to them as it is to us since they have crops and they can just hunt for food. It was a good break from urban living. I slept better there than here in the city where I’m always anxious about things. Above is a picture I took during our trip.