Waves Without Sounds

When things come crashing on the shores of the mind.

Month: December, 2015

As I Rise to Leave


Will I ever learn to stay
And savor the afterglow
That lingers on the embers of
The fervent flame I shared with you?

Will I ever learn to cherish
All those meaningful caresses
You trail on my bare skin
Each time I rise to leave?

I fear you so much, my minute’s flame,
I fear to feel a tinge of longing
When we are long apart.

Hence I try and struggle to cut these strings
That seem to creep unto my heart
After our moments of ecstasy.

I always rush to leave you first
Because I am afraid
To pay the price of foolish love
Merely borne of lust.

No. Just no.
I cannot yield to a heart’s call.
I can only strongly vow
To refuse to fall.


A Deserter’s Farewell


Farewell, comrade with whom I fought a thousand battles;
Whose slings and chains were once enmeshed with mine.
Blame not the sharing of the spoils, blame not the enemies.
This parting is the final fault of both our folly.

Each of us fights a separate war, our strategies dissimilar–
You pick your fights as if they’re berries
With which you can engorge yourself,
While I am but a silent ranger whose arrows are too scarce to fire.

With the rest of the troop, we fought for our cause,
But we were always losing.
Many deserted along the way,
And how we both had blamed them.

Looking back, though, I realize you never saw
The troop and me as allies dear to you–
We were just there to make you feel a gross entitlement.
An entitlement which you use to justify your cavils.

I was a fool to join you then. You were a fool to begin with.
So now I say goodbye to you with the same joy with which I joined you.

As I pursue a different path, former comrade this do I say:
Thank you for teaching me how to rightly choose a worthy ally.

Winter Is the One I Love


My love can be cold,
My love can be cruel,
My love can be gentle as falling snow.
My love can be the howling wind,
And the pure white I wake up to.
The frost of my love can bite and sting,
And can numb my entire being.
The caresses of cold finger tips,
The kisses that leave a cool, damp trail,
The deafening silence and odd comfort
Suggesting inferno is far away–
No matter how devoid of warmth,
I love my love that way.
Though I wait for too long a time,
I know my love will come
Along with the shifting seasons and
The revolution of the sun.
Winter is the one I love
In all its frost and cold.
Winter it is in my heart
Forever ’til I cannot hold.