Words of the Weary



I envy those who are wide of eyes
who look on with utter wonder.
I envy those who are full of smiles
and vibrant, carefree laughter.

I envy those who have much to care for
and who reach out with their hearts.
I envy those who find inspiration
to whom they dedicate their art.

I envy them so much. I loathe them
for allowing the world into their souls;
for allowing others to burden them;
and for finding unworthy goals.

There are no cracks upon my armor
that could let the light inside.
Through the gaps upon my helm and mask,
lies nothing but the end in sight.

Before us, I see nothing but
an inescapable abyss.
It stretches on for miles and miles;
From where must we take bliss?

Nothing matters; not you; not me.
Nothing we do can change this fate.
So how can you care and how can you feel
that you are something great?

I’m weary from watching the world
put on a fake parade
of good and evil, right and wrong,
and of love and hate.

There is no line to separate those
who are prey to the void.
No ropes to bind or pull us from
the death we can’t avoid.

So why live and love? Why feel and fear?
Why be sad? Why be merry?
You will lose those you hold so dear.
Look at this world so dreary!