Waves Without Sounds

When things come crashing on the shores of the mind.

Month: April, 2016

Reminding the Dreamer


Look at the sky and please tell me
How many eyes up there you see?
Can you count the stars and count the sighs
Of dreamers just like thee?

Reach out your hand and look at how
The moonlight streams through your fingertips,
How your palm can shield the moon from view
And yet its light still passes through.

Do you now feel as heavenly
As these glow from above;
As their lights pierce the sordid void
And land upon your eyes?

Oh my dear dreamer, do your eyes hurt
From looking up too much?
Are you still mindful of the things
Outside the thoughts you clutch?

Behold the beauty. Hold your breath.
Look up at the night sky.
Ignore the world and blind your eyes.
Hold your breath ’til it dies.


The Asker


Is life but a strife for naught;
A suffering for nothing;
A boundless stretch of toil and hurt
That runs farther than death?

Or is it a depository
Of reputation and good deeds
From which one draws some peace
Or the sought-after happiness?

Could this journey from womb to tomb
Be only how we make it?
Could it be fate determined by
Some greater consciousness?

One questions much,
But are there answers
That can be chanced upon
Should one ask far enough?

Or perhaps, life could merely be
A string of queries to ponder on;
To strive and live for answers
Until we could ask no more.

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Forever Before Dawn


I was a lost child who asked too many questions
And who doubted everything.
I doubted love. I doubted emotions.
I doubted reality. I doubted myself.
But like stars unseen in the light of day,
It was only when my life has darkened
That you offered me your light.

You were the sole answer to all my questions,
And the one I’d never doubt.
You are the sweetest proof of love and bliss
And of reality.
You were the missing half of my bleak life
Which your arrival brightened.

The grace of being loved by you
Is only matched by the joy of loving you,
For I know I will never have to feel
The grief of losing you.

Oh you river of light in the darkening sky,
How you fill my nights with utter wonder!
But is our love enough to keep the next day from dawning?
If it could not, then let me hold you ’til then
And in this embrace both dream of never ever waking.