Waves Without Sounds

When things come crashing on the shores of the mind.

Month: May, 2016

Goodnight, My Love


Closing my eyes, I shall preserve these after-images of you
And live once more in memories you’d left me in your wake.
These words whispered to the night scour the world for your ears;
They long to echo in your thoughts and dreams as yours echo in mine.
Each time I feel a longing for you, I sing the melody
That holds the promise our hearts have made before walking away.
Good night, my love, and may the sweetest dreams
Make you smile in your sleep–
For in my sweetest dreams, this smile is all I ever see.


Sigh of the Grown


Where have you gone, o hopes of mine
That once have soared so high?
Have you been caged along with those
Dreams that could never be?
A child I was when I allowed
You all to fly and roam so free.
Now I have grown, and how I’ve changed,
Is that why you left me?
Should you return, I will be here,
A plain face in the crowd:
Functioning and focusing,
Expendable, not rare.
Should you return, I wonder if
You can transform me so
That I could be the child who once
Had owned and cherished you.