Waves Without Sounds

When things come crashing on the shores of the mind.

Month: October, 2017

Inebriated Dedication

This day, my dear, I dareth drank
To self-same stupor to banish care.
For love and longing lord o’er this lad
Amidst thy absence, am brought a scare.

In flights of frenzy I feign to find
A glimpse, a giggle, a gaze, a glance.
Perchance thy presence perhaps permit
A day doth daring thou darling dance.

My morning, midnight, and my mind’s mate,
My beau, my boon, my best, my bliss,
I fervently fight despite my fright
To forget how much you I miss.

For fie, there is no forgetting
How this heart howls to hold you so,
That even when in wine-soaked state
My being yearns to yield to you.

I love, I learn, I long and last
To have you here in my heart and hands.
Despite this drunken droning, dear,
My love forever understands.

No amount of inebriation
Can match how you, my love, provide
Affection and utter satisfaction
The way our beings do collide.

Note: I really am drunk while writing this.




My heart swells with love for you
As tides rise for the moon.
This overwhelming, intoxicating,
And never-ending bliss
Is entirely new to me.

You blow me away
More than any storm ever could.
Your mere existence shows me
That there is something worth believing
And living for in this world.

As priceless as eternity,
Wider than the universe,
You, my love, deserve all the love
And more than I can give.

I love you more than dreams,
More than reality,
More than life and more than death,
More than I could give to thee.

With you, I became capable of things
I never fathomed I could do.
With you, I realized nothing
Could ever compare to love for you.

I love you, and this love
Shall keep thriving and expanding
Beyond Infinity.