In Pain

by Malory Columbretis


There’s an ache and a drought
I can feel in my heart,
It refuses to go away.
I endeavor to cry,
But my tears have run dry,
Although I try everyday.
How to express
This emptiness
Which, in my soul, has come to stay?

My love says I am too generous,
Have I given all of myself away?
Father says I am in the wrong place,
Have I really gone astray?
Meanwhile, mother keeps mum and merely watches,
Have you really none to say?
I wish I could cry,
But however I try,
No tears would come my way.
I wish I could scream,
But now it does seem,
My voice has been locked away.
I could laugh, I could smile,
But I’m detached by a mile,
How long has it been this way?

How long have I been ignoring
The emptiness that’s gnawing
At my entire being?
It has always been here,
Slowly consuming
Everything I’m feeling.
I am exhausted,
I am lost,
And I am not my own.
But I can’t surrender to myself,
I shall fight until it’s won.